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Unit One
    Chapter One   
        Lesson One: Earths Landforms
                Vocab Notes
                    1-1-1 Landforms
                    1-1-2 Landforms
        Lesson Two: Earth's Bodies of Water
                    1-1-2 (1) Bodies of Water
                    1-1-2 (2) Bodies of Water
        Skill Lesson: Use Latitude and Longitude
                1-1- skill: Lattitude and Longitude
        Lesson Three: Earth's Climates and Vegetation
        Lesson Four: Population and Settlement
                  1-1-4 population and settlement
        Skill Lesson: Read a Thematic Map
     ***Chapter Review and Test Preparation***
               Study Guide
    Chapter Two
        Lesson One: Hunters and Gatherers
               1-2-1 Hunters and Gatherers
        Lesson Two: Early Herders and Farmers
               1-2-2 Herders and Farmers
        Lesson Three: Early Communities
               1-2-3 Early Settlements and Cities
                    1-2-3-2 Early Settlements and Cities 2
     ***Chapter Review and Test Preparation***
                     Chapter 2 Study Guide
Unit 2
   Chapter 3
        Lesson One: Civilization in Sumer
                2--1 Civilization in Sumer
                    Writing and Eating
          Lesson Two: Conquests and Empire Building
           Lesson Three: Later Empires
                Lesson 3: Later Empires
        ***Chapter 3 Review and Test Preparation***
               Chapter 3 Study Guide

       Chapter 4
           Lesson 1: The Gift of the Nile
                4-1:1 Gift of the Nile
                    Salt Dough Recipe
                Lesson 2: Egyptian Dynasties
                Egyptian Dynasties
                 Lesson 3: Nubia and Kush
                    4-3: Nubia and Kush
  ***Chapter 4 Review and Test Preparation***
               Test Prep
   Chapter Five
             Lesson 1: Indus River Valley
             Lesson 2: Huang He Valley
                5-2 Huang He Valley
                      Silk Worms
                    Interesting Videos
                  Ch. 7 Lesson 3: Great Dynasties of China (supplemental)
                        7-3 Chinese Dynasties
                        Silk Road
                    Ancient Asia Test Review (Friday, Jan 27)
                  Ancient Asia Test Review

   Chapter 8: Greece
               Lesson 1: Ancient Greece
                   Greece: early cultures L1
               Lesson 2: City-States and Culture
                    Greek City-State and Culture
                    Lesson 3: The Golden Age
                            8-3 The Golden Age
                    Lessson 4: Alexander the Great
                    Alexander the Great
                    Chapter 8 Test Review

    Chapter 9: Ancient Rome
                    7 Wonders of Ancient Rome
                    9-3 Roman Conquest
                    Roman Numerals
                    Roman Emperor/Shield Project
                    Rome: Engineering an Empire Video
                    Chapter 9: TEST REVIEW

        Chapter 10: Europe After Rome

        Chapter 15: Europe and the Western Hemisphere
                Early Europe
                     The Renaissance
                     Renaissance Questions
                    Project Checklists
                    The Crusades: History Channel Video
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