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1-2-2 Herders and Farmers

1. domestic: tame
2. livestock: tame animals that provide resources
3. nomad: people with no stettled home
4. pastoral society: a group of people that travel with their heard of animals
5. cultivate: take care of
6. agriculture: farming
7. slash and burn: to prepare for planting - clear trees and brush then burn it and mix the ashes with the soil
Neolithic Period (The New Stone Age) 10,000 to 8,000 years ago (After the existence of paleolithic people)
1. Some people were nomads while others settled in one place
2. Started to change from food collecting to food producing
3. Start to domesticate animals for human use (food, labor, resources)
4. Pastoral Societies:
  -traveled in bands
  -moved from place to place (to find water and food for livestock)
  -domesticated animals
  -eat mostly meat and dairy
5. Farming Society
  -instead of gathering they grow plants in small gardens
  -have to stay in one place to care for crops
  -shelters are built to store extra food
  -new tools and skills were developed (ex. plow)