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2-1-1 Civilization in Sumer

There are 2 attachments:
 One is a Blank Map that we will be labeling Sumer, Mesopotamia, Tigris River, Euphrates River, and Fertile Crescent on
The second is a Note Outline. Students may work together to complete the note outline. All answers are in the book.

Discussion Outline:
As detailed in class by Mrs. Alexander
Large Food Production
      Lead to innovations
            No Rain! What do we do?
                 (build dikes and dams, reservoirs, lakes, and canals)
            Harvest, thresh, wheeled carts to storehouse
      Division of Labor: we all do part
      Trade surplus

      The En: king = monarchy (one person, complete control) MEN chosen by god
  lead military, control trade, settle arguments, plan events
      Beaurocracy: guess who needs help? : appointed officials
    priests, choose farming lands, food distribution, track food
create WRITING to track food given and surpluses

      started as pictographs and numbers
      use of symbols: cuneiform
      accurate records required measurement
    iku-= acre
    quart= grain container
calendar:28 day moon cycle tracks months(12 with extra month every 3)
      first to build sailboats, mix copper and tin to make bronze, potters wheel

Society: Social Classes 
     highest: ruling: 
gov officials
priests, warriors
their families
  less important govnment
farming supervisors
doctors, carpenters, potters, bricklayers
     lowest: slaves and farmworkers
  (POW's or punishment for crime)
     men: more power and influence, leaders,
     women: ran households (own property and businesses, some read and write)
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