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2-3-2: Conquests and Empire Building

As lead by Mrs. Alexander

Kings kept order in own city-states but always war between the city states!
wanted riches and water control
Urik was most powerful for many years
Soon and outside enemy came to defeat Sumer
Sargon: a soldier who was from a central Mesopotamian city, killed  a king in battle, created own army, took over Sumer until all city-states fell
Moved on to take over what is now Iran
then Turkey and Mediterranean sea area
-Created first EMPIRE: vast lands under single govmnt cntl
- all walls torn down and ruled from Akkad (capital city) = Akkadian Empire
-force used to maintain control: kept a standing army (full time, paid)
- selected people to govern city-states
  - ruled 56 years and empire lasted 200 years more
- all other powerful leaders follow this example
The Akkadian Empire was too BIG!
-leaders in Ur rebelled= battled and took over= conflict and disorder
- Amorites (lead by king of Babylon) took over= Babylonian Empire
Babylonian Empire
- taxation: pay for running government (forced)
- laws applied to all people in empire (centralized government)
- very fair laws: "The strong shall not oppress the weak": Code of Hammurabi
     also included "an eye for an eye" crime=same crime done
- fell in 1600 BC
Mesopotamia was then conquered by people to north and eat: includes Kassites (from Iran) with the help of Hittites (war chariots) and followed Babylonian rule; taken over again in 1000 BC (600 year rule)