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7-3 Chinese Dynasties

Chinese Dynasties to Talk About  (pp. 218-223)


Zhou (Joh) Dynasty

                Longest Ruling

                Took control from the Shang Dynasty (tyrant): Heaven allowed this since Shangs were                                                           dishonest and cruel

                Social Structure: 3 parts

                                King and his family

                                Noble families

                                                Received land from king (for loyalty, goods, and military protection)

                                                Some nobles began ruling own territories (fought for cntl)= Zhou weakness

                                Peasant families (common farmers and served in army)

                                                Could not own land: rented from nobles(some protection in return)




                Philosopher: Tried to think of ways to restore order and improve society

                Thought highly of family: treat parents with honor and respect

                Promoted Filial Piety: duty to parents of respecting, following wishes, and caring for them

                No one listened during his life but had a huge influence on China later


Qin (Chin):

                Zhou lost “mandate of heaven” (right to rule) and their dynasty collapsed

                Qi, Chu, and Qin fought for control

                Qin won and united China under one rule: Chinese Empire

                Used legalism to govern his empire: Obey you are rewarded, don’t and you are punished

                                Loyalty comes from fear, not respect

                No more nobles!

                Central Government- bureaucracy (network of appointed government officials)

                Canals and roads were built: The empire was expanded

                First wall of china was built: took hundreds of thousands of peasants and prisoners

                                10 years: many died of hunger and being overworked

                $, weights, and writing are all standardized

                Burned books that were not approved of; wanted to control education

                Heavy taxation: people were very unhappy

                Only 2 rulers in the Qin Dynasty before it fell: final project were the clay soldiers



                400 year rule

                Civil Service Jobs: people were tested and even educated at university

                Learned Confucianism as well as Daoism

                Invented paper and seismographs

                Utilized the silk road for trade with Europe

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