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8-3 The Golden Age

Chapter 8 Lesson 3

The Golden Age

The Persians: a common enemy causing city-states to unite

Their empire included Assyria, Babylonia, Egypt, and the Asia Minor Greek city states.

MARATHON: Athens/ Persia Battle: Led by Darius I

Messenger ran 26 miles to deliver news of victory = today’s marathon

Balkan Attack: Sparta + Athens/Persia Battle: Led by Xerxes (Darius I’s son)

***Greeks always outnumbered but keep winning!***

Leagues of Allies are formed

Sparta leads the Peloponnesian League (southern city states)

Athens starts the Delian League with Attica, Aegean Islands, and Asia Minor

Pericles was a great ruler of Athens during the Golden Age

Finally allowed males of any class to participate in nearly any government position

Built the Parthenon

Supported Arts and Learning

Science was expanding: Illness is not angry Gods but naturally caused

He began to want expansion and sent soldiers to conquer parts of Egypt: Sparta feared them and “broke off friendly relations”

Peloponnesian War: The Peloponnesian League (lead by Sparta) and the Delian League (lead by Athens)

Plague killed ¼ of Athenian Army (and eventually Pericles himself)

Poor leaders followed Pericles and soon Athens surrendered to Sparta (until the rebelled)

Socrates: a Philosopher

Criticized government to help people think about the best way to live

bothered new leaders: found guilty of dangerous ideas

forced to end own life by drinking poison

believed in the law so much he wouldn’t break it

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