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Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great:

    Leader of Macedonia: Controlled eastern Europe and southwestern Asia

                Respected Greek ideals as his mother was Greek

                Well educated until he went into the military at 16

                Commanded the cavalry at 18

                At 20: Phillip (father) was killed and he ruled the empire

                Thebes tried to rebel: 30,000 sold to slavery (Greece learned lesson)

                Slowly defeated Asia Minor and moved into present day Turkey and Southern Asia

                                Then Egypt

                                Finally attacked the Persian Empire (who Athens had beat at Marathon)

                                                Defeated Darius the III: attacked Babylon and Persepolis

                                                Darius murdered by own court and Alexander the Great took all control

                Led troops into Indus Valley

                Army gave up when asked to go as far as Ganges River

                Planned other expeditions but grew ill and died before he was 33

                No strong enough leader: empire broke into pieces


Alexander the Great promoted many Greek teachings as learned from Aristotle (his teacher)

                Promoted Greek-like (Hellenistic) learning

                Many advances in text collection, math, and astronomy

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Feb 21, 2012, 8:43 AM