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Ancient Asia Test Review

Review With this online Jeopardy Game:

Test Review: Ancient China

Chapter 5 Lesson 1






Urban planning





Many villages are built on __________ to avoid flooding in the Indus Valley.

Why do we call India a subcontinent?

What things were traded in the Indus Valley?

________________ is a model of city planning. What system helped them design their city, describe how it was planned.

What things are inside of a cities citadel? Why would they want those things behind a protective wall?

What thing, stronger than sun baked bricks, was used for building Indus Valley homes?

We call people living in the Indus Valley the ___________________ civilization.

Chapter 5 Lesson 2




Oracle bone






Tell the Legend of Yu The Great and the Huang He Valley Flood.

Who is the first documented King of China? (also know who MAY have been but there is no proof)

Describe the use of oracle bones.

Tell about how Chinese writing changed over time.

What was the problem with the last Shang ruler?

Who took rule from the Shang dynasty and why?

Chapter 7 Lesson 3




Filial piety



Civil service


Silk Road

Who allowed the Zhou Dynasty to take rule from the cruel Shang king?

Name the Zhou’s three classes:

Under Zhou rule, who gave peasants land and WHY?

Why was peasants owning land a problem for the king later?

How did Confucious suggest a king treat his subjects?

Be able to compare Feudalism, Confucianism, and Legalism in an empire or in a classroom.

The Qin king expanded Asia and turned it into an empire for the first time, what is the name he gave himself and what does it mean?

What are some of the things that the Qin King, Shi Huangdi, standardized?

Why did Shi Huangdi burn books?

Describe the “Silent Army” Shi Huangdi built for his tomb, why they were built, and who found them.

Han kings used _____________________ to spread Chinese influence.

Other Readings, Movies, and Projects:

Tell about a woman’s role in Ancient China. (know some of the expectations for her behavior and attitude, also know what a man's role was)

Know about silk:

How is it made?

How did the secret get out of China?

Who traded with China to get silk?

Yin & Yang: What do yin-yang things symbolize for the Chinese? (think kite project and men+women).

Why was the Great Wall of China built?

How did China feel about everyone that was not from China?

Tell about China's relationship with the Mongals: (Great Wall Video)

What did the Mongals want?

What was China's response?

How did the Mongals respond?

What was China's solution?

Who was the king that demanded that the Great Wall be built?

Why were people frequently buried in the wall?

Who did all of the work to build the great wall?

How did China feel about everyone that was not from China?

Refer to the worksheet/reading about “writing”

What do I mean when I say Chinese writing uses “characters”?

What are the “four treasures” of Chinese writing?

What things that we use in writing are missing from Chinese sentences?


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