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Ancient Rome: Test Prep

Chapter 9: Ancient Roman History

Test Review

Pg. 276-312

Ch. 9 Lesson 1












The city of Rome is located on what Peninsula:

Know the legend of the beginning of Rome:

What two rivers did the Etruscan People Live between?

What civilization significantly influenced the Etruscan people?

            Know three things that were influenced:

How did Etruscan Kings get their job?

Have your notes about Roman Government (from my smartboard slide)

In Rome, what two ways could a slave be freed?

What are some rights women had in Ancient Rome?


Ch. 9 Lesson 2





How many Punic wars were there?

Who fought in them?

How many wars did each empire win?

What three islands were taken in the first Punic War?

What was invaded and taken in the second Punic war?

What city was destroyed in the third Punic war?

Who was Sulla?

Who was elected consul in 60 b.c.

What land did Caesar Capture?

Why is Caesar told not to cross the Rubicon?

Name two things Caesar did to help his people:

Tell about how and why Caesar died:

What three people made up the triumvirate after Caesars death?

Of the three leaders in the triumvirate, who is the only one to survive?

Who was the TRUE first emperor of Rome but called himself princepts (meaning first citizen)?


Ch. 9 Lesson 3









What year did Pax Romana begin?

Why was the Mediterranean Sea sometimes called the “Roman Lake”

            King Augustus passed laws that protected citizens. Name one:

             Why would Romans take a census?

             In 20 B.C. how many soldiers were in Rome’s standing army?

            What was one job of Roman Soldiers?

             Name two(2) things a forum was used for?

            What place, built for entertainment, could hold as many as 50,000 people?

            Tell me why aqueducts are important to the Roman people (common sense, not in book).

          What horrible thing happened to the city of Pompeii?

What language was spoken in Rome (hint: the answer is not Roman)?

          How did the Romans bring unity (and communication) to their entire empire?



Ch.9 Lesson 4













Who protected Romans from harm according to early Roman religion?

Christianity held what prize at the end for Roman people?

Who is often believed to be the Christian messiah?

            What is one argument that he may not be?

What Roman governor put Jesus to death?

            How was he executed?

            What is the claim that some Christian followers made after Jesus died?

Rome allowed its people to practice any religion as long as they also worshipped Roman Gods: Why was this a problem for Roman Christians?

What do we call the book of letters, gospels, and writings about Jesus?

What Roman emperor finally made Rome safe for Christians?

            What event made him believe in the Christian God?


Priests- lead local churches

Bishops- leader of all nearby churches

Pope- leader of all bishops


Who may have been chosen to be the first pope?

            Who may have chosen him?



Classroom Extras:


Have your notes on Roman Numerals (know how to use them)

Know what the coliseum was and what events took place there (7 wonders and Coliseum video)

Know one incredible advancement made by the Romans (7 wonders of Ancient Rome video)

Know one type of Roman artwork and how it’s made (Art project).

Know who Carthage is and what they sacrificed (Punic War video)

Know how Rome won the Sea battle against Carthage even though they didn’t have a very good Navy (Punic War Video)

Know what animal Carthage often used in battles.

Be able to name one famous Carthaginian Leader during the Punic wars (video and book)

Tell me why verbal history can be unreliable.