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Chapter 2 Study Guide

History: Chapter 2 Test

Friday October 14th

Lesson 1:

What is a band and how many people lived in them:

Who gathered and what did they gather?

Who hunted and what did they hunt?

Why do we refer to the Paleolithic and Neolithic time periods as the “Stone Age”?

Name some ways that people would hunt for animals.

What is technology and what are the two major inventions we talked about in class?

How did the ice age help people move to new continents?

What does it mean to specialize in a job and how is it useful?

How are customs, traditions and history passed on from older to younger members?

What is an archeologist and how do they use evidence? (book only)

Lesson 2:

What 2 changes allowed people to stay in one place?

What is a nomad?

How did the plow change the way people farmed?

What is slash and burn and how does it help farmers?

Skills 1:

What do A.D. , C.E., B.C., and B.C.E stand for?

What does circa (c.) mean?

Know how to read a parallel time line.

Lesson 3:


                What was it built around?

                Why was the wall so thick?

Catal Huyuk:

                How many people?

                What were their homes made of?

                Why were there holes in the roofs for doors?

                What did they import?

                What did they export?

                How long did people live on average?

Where is Mesopotamia and why are many early cities there?

Where is the West Bank?

What is a complex society?

Why would some people put straw and grass in their clay bricks?

Why would early people have a mongoose as a pet?

Define civilization