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Chapter 3 Study Guide

Chapter 3 Test

Tigris and Euphrates Valley: Early Empires

Civilization in Sumer:

What innovations helped to stop flooding? (know what each one is)

Which innovations helped them get water?(know what each one is)

Name 4 more innovations credited to Sumer:

What are the classes (3) and who is in each class? (we did a worksheet on this and it's in your notes)

What is the reason writing was invented and who invented it?

What does division of labor mean then Give an example of Division of Labor.

What is a food surplus and what would Sumerians do with it?

Describe a Monarchy:

What is an En and who chose him?

Describe a bureaucracy and what it is used for.

What is cuneiform?

What is good about clay tablets and what was not so great (think about when we wrote in clay)

What are some of the types of measurements Sumer developed (3)?

What was the woman’s role in Sumer?

Conquests and Empire Building:

How did Sargon come to power? (know his story)

Why did Sargon rule that ALL WALLS in Sumer be torn down?

What empire was built by Sargon?

We say Sargon ruled by force- What does that mean and who provided the “force”?

*Sargon chose governors (trusted rulers for each city-state) that he could rely on. (I'm just giving you this)

What was the problem with having such a large empire (the thing that made it weak)? (we've talked about this a LOT!)

Babylon was the capital city of which great empire?

Describe the tax system created by the Babylonian kings:

*also- what are taxes used for today (know some examples from class discussion)

*The Babylonian Empire created centralized government meaning all people follow the same laws.

Tell about the Code of Hammurabi : Be able to write a paragraph about this!!! Know why it was written, by who, and some examples of the laws.

Which two groups of people were able to end the Babylonian rule together? (know which wanted to rule and which wanted the riches, also, know what invention made them superior fighters)

Later Empires:

What is a territory and how does it help rule a very large empire?

Describe a decree and tell how they were given to all of the city states: (find it in the book)

What were some of the great achievements/innovations of the Assyrians?

Name some Assyrian-made weapons and war-related specializations:

What does a scribe do and why is he important?

After Medes from Media conquered the Assyrian Empire what city/empire came back to power ?

What did King Nebuchadnezzar supposedly build for his wife that cannot be proven to exist today?

***Know the order of the empires, a famous king from each, innovations from each, and major goals of each empire. (these are the notes from discussion but also can be found in the chapter)

*** Study Your Map! Be able to find the Tigris River, Euphrates River, Sumer, Mesopotamia, Fertile Crescent, ect



division of labor



absolute authority




social class




standing army


centralized government











*be sure you have your Color Coded Map

your worksheets pages 26 and 29

your notes (both the ones we filled in, the ones off the board, and the vocabulary from the book)

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