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Early Settlements and Cities

 9,000-4,000 Years Ago
1. obsidian: black volcanic rock; polished; used for making cutting tools
2. oasis: a place in the desert that has water
3. import:trade goods brought in
4. export: trade goods sent out
5. complex society: group with reliable food source, established laws, customs, and job specialization
6. ziggurat: A stepped tower with a temple on top
7. city-state: a city and the area around it with own government and leaders
8. civilization: complex society with religion, centers of learning, and ways of governing
Fertile Crescent: 
1. in southwestern asia 
2. grew some of the first crops
3. domesticated some of the first animals. 
4. Some of the oldest villages in the world
West Bank:
1. Southwestern Asia
2. often known as Jericho
3. trading center north of the Dead Sea
4. built on an oasis (protected with high walls)
6. Abandoned: don't know why

Catal Huyuk:
1. in south-central Turkey
2. mysteriously abandoned
3. Possibly 6,000 people
4. farming community
5. Mud homes packed tightly together
 - doors= hole in the roof
6. people lived 29-34 years
*many along the Tigris and Euphrates rivers
Fertile Crescent: sometimes called Mesopotamia 'the land between two rivers'
1. Ur: 
  -ziggurat in the center (still standing after 5,000 years)
  - thousands lived there
  - rectangular mud brick houses (mix clay with straw and water then bake in sun)
  -took control of many nearby farming communities
2. Eridu
3. Lagash