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Project Checklist

Renaissance Checklist


Decide what person from the Renaissance you are going to do your report on

Write 5-10 sentences describing his/her life

Write a biographical poem

Print some samples of the work your person

Make a list of all important works

Write a short essay on why his work is important

□ Compile the whole thing into some type of book


Decide what booth you will be running

□ Make a poster announcing what your booth is

□ Collect any articles or supplies you will need to run your booth (including decorations)

□ Research clothing   then   Find/Create a costume for the fair

□ Practice your dialect/accent/Renaissance wording

□ Work on making any products you would like to sell at your booth

If you are completely finished now is the time to help others make their products



***Following this simple checklist (along with quality work)

will ensure a great grade on the Renaissance Project

Danielle Fleenor,
May 1, 2012, 9:39 AM