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Roman Conquest

The Roman Empire

Chapter 9: Lesson 3 pg.292-298

  1. Why was the Mediterranean Sea sometimes called the “Roman Lake”

  1. King Augustus passed laws that protected citizens. Name one:

  1. Why would Romans take a census?

  1. In 20 B.C. how many soldiers were in Rome’s standing army?

  1. What was one job of Roman Soldiers?

  1. Name two(2) things a forum was used for?

  1. What place, built for entertainment, could hold as many as 50,000 people?

  1. Tell me why aqueducts are important to the Roman people (common sense, not in book).

  1. What horrible thing happened to the city of Pompeii?

  1. What language was spoken in Rome (hint: the answer is not Roman)?

  1. How did the Romans bring unity (and communication) to their entire empire?

  1. What year did Pax Romana begin?