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Roman Emperor/Shield Project

Roman Emperor Project

Assigned April 22nd

Due May 6th

Students will design and construct a shield of the Roman Army. Each student will choose one Roman emperor to research. They will then introduce themselves to the class as that emperor while holding their shield. A brief description of their life and their reign will need to be included. Please keep in mind that this is the “big project” for this unit and it totals 100 points. We will have computer access twice over the next two weeks. Students will be responsible for doing any additional work at home or during homeroom time.

Each student is expected to:

  1. Construct a Roman shield (you may create your shield and design it however you creative!)

  2. Research one Roman emperor ( is a great place to start)

  3. Include facts about his life and his reign. Your report should at least answer the following questions but feel free to include additional, interesting, information.

    a. how long did he reign?

    b. what types of experiences did he have? (important events in his life)

    c. Did he marry or have a family (tell us about them)

    d. Was he involved in any important battles?

    e. Was he respected?

    f. What were his accomplishments?

    g. What were his weaknesses?

    h. How did he die?

  4. You may chose to record your information on note cards, in paragraph format, or as a google presentation (be sure to share the presentation with me).

  5. Extra Credit Options: you may choose to design another piece of a soldier's uniform. A helmet, clothing, shoes... NO WEAPONS!