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Study Guide

Chapter 1 Study Guide

6th Grade Social Studies

Plate Tectonics:

-          What does the theory say?

-          What did the earth look like before movement began?

-          How does movement affect continents?

-          What is a fault and where does it happen?


-          How are they formed?

-          What do we call the molten rock above ground? Below ground?


-          What things cause weathering?

-          What is erosion?

-          What is deposition?

-          How is a delta formed?


-          How is the landscape underwater similar to on land?

-          What is a trench?

-          What is a  currant?

-          How does currant movement effect land temperature?

-          How is a tidal wave formed?


-          What is a river system? (what things are included in this)

-          What is a drainage basin?

-          Know three ways that lakes are formed.

Know how to read Latitude and Longitude

Know what the prime meridian and the equator are (and where to find them)


-          How does distance from the equator (latitude) affect climate?

-          What is a temperate climate?

-          What makes a place tropic (where does it have to be in relation to the equator)?

-          How does water effect temperature of land?

-          How does altitude affect climate?

-          What is a rain shadow?

-          How much rain does a place need to be called rainforest?

-          How much rain does a place need to be called arid?

-          How do plants in arid places adapt? (in book not notes)

Population Distribution:

-          Know what it is

-          Know how environment makes people choose where to live (what makes people go to certain places?)

-          What is migration and why does it happen?

-          What is urbanization and why does it happen?

-          What is a metropolitan area?