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Test Prep

Chapter 4 Test:

Ancient Egypt

Know definitions for:








Trade route

Trading Network





What day is the start of a new year for Egyptians and what season it is in?


Name some reasons that the Nile is important.


Know each of the seasons and what happens during them.


What is a nation-state is and how Egypt became one.


Know about Egyptian writing: what is it called and what items would they write on?


What were pyramids used for?


Communication is important: what innovations helped the government communicate better and be better united?


What king was responsible for starting to expand Egypt’s territory?


What pharaoh was previously a vizier to another pharaoh?

            How did he end up becoming a king?


What did the Nubian people control that Egypt wanted to control?


Kandakes were ___________ that ruled Kush.



Know important facts about:

            Old Kingdome:

            Middle Kingdome:

            New Kingdome:


What Sea does the Nile flow into and direction does the Nile River flow?


Beliefs and Gods were based on _________________

The 25th Dynasty was ruled by what people?


Why was Menes an important ruler?


What important object helped people to decipher hieroglyphics?


In what place were many pharaohs buried?


How were pyramids built?


Know the steps of mummification.


Why do Egyptians mummify?


Why was the Nile important to Egypt?


What things would be placed in a pharaohs tomb and why?


Why would a pharaoh want a boat in the afterlife?


Look at the map on page 117: be able to label important parts of the Nile Valley


How big was Khufu’s boat?


What is the valley of the kings?

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