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Test Review: Ancient Greece

Think you know Ancient Greece: Play Jeopardy and find out!!!!

Ancient Greece

Chapter 8 Review

Lesson 1




Decimal System-




What are the 4 cultures found in Early Greece?





What culture began on the island of Crete?

How was that culture destroyed?


Where was the Cycladic culture found?

What are two advancements of the Minoan culture?

What finally destroyed the Mycenaean Culture?

Know that the Mycenaean Culture is the strongest, often taking in other cultures.

Tell the story of the Trojan Horse:



What major city was the Trojan empire centered around?


Lesson 2










Why were city-states formed?


Who are the two most powerful and well-known city-states?


Spartan citizens were only ruling class males that are descendants of _____________.

What is a helot?

Where do free people in the Spartan society live?

What are some of the ways that Spartan citizens ensure slaves could not fight back even though they were outnumbered 10-1?

What was important to Sparta, what did the male citizens do with their time?


Who owned Athenian slaves?

Who owned Spartan slaves?


Did Athens have a true democracy? Why or why not?


All Greek people called themselves the Hellenes because they all shared one common ancestor named ______________.


Lesson 3










Who was Greece’s common enemy that brought them together?


Tell about the battle of marathon (use book and movie):

                Know how long they fought:

                Know who had more soldiers:



                Know some reasons Persia was angry at Athens:



                Know who won and how they won:




Know the names of the two Greek Leagues:


Who is Pericles and why is he important to Greek history?


How did Pericles die?


Who fights in the Peloponnesian War?


Why did Sparta end friendly relations with Athens?


How and why does Socrates die?


Lesson 4:


What are two reasons Alexander the Great respected Greek culture so much:


What Greek city did Alexander the Great destroy and how did that effect the rest of the cities in Greece?


What empire did Alexander the Great want to take over?

                Did he succeed?


Why did Alexander the Great never overtake the Ganges River?


How did Alexander the Great die?


What happened to Alexander the Great’s empire after he died?



Gods and Goddesses: (+ Movie)

Use your tests and notes to study about Gods and Goddesses as there will be several questions about them on your test.


Know how Hara tried to kill Hercules as a baby:


Know why women were introduced to mankind:




Know at least two interesting designs Grecians used on their pottery.


Government Squares:

Know each type of government and be able to compare them.






War Packet + Battle of Marathon Movie


Know what the Greeks main attacking formation was:

Know what a Greek foot soldier is called:

Know what a Trireme is:

Know how Darius I and Xerxes are related:

Know what the battle of 300 was:


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