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Poetry Lyrics

  • Song lyrics are copied and pasted into document AND are appropriate for teacher, students, school (10 pts)

  • 3 lines are highlighted and you have added “notes” in about what you think this line is trying to tell people or why the line is important to the song. (Find hidden meaning) (30 pts)

  • What is the song about (main idea)? (10 pts)

  • What does the title have to do with the song? (5 pts)

  • What three poetic sound devices can you find? Write the lines that you find each devices in and explain. (15 pts)

  • What two figurative devices (metaphor, simile, personification) can you find in the lyrics? Write the lines and explain each one. (15 pts)

  • Highlight and define at least one complicated word within your lyrics. (10 pts)

  • Name (5pts)

  •                                                       Total:______________________________

  •                                                        100pts